Preparing your organization to deploy Skype for Business

Preparing your organization to deploy Skype for Business

From TechTarget – A step-by-step guide to ensure a successful Skype for Business deployment.  TechTarget asks us to consider: end-user needs, infrastructure demands and the proper deployment model.

Organizational structures and needs should also be considered include geographic location to help an organization determine where it should locate its data centers and the type of communication features that will best serve its users.

Then, determine which architecture best supports those needs and what they want the final Skype for Business deployment to look like.

Assessing the infrastructure is the next phase to deploy Skype for Business. This is where organizations should evaluate the equipment they have now and what they need in the future to support Skype for Business.

When planning infrastructure, the cloud is an important factor, says TechTarget. Organizations need to consider “what their cloud setup will look like four or five years down the road and if they ultimately want an on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure….Most organizations will ultimately take a hybrid approach to infrastructure and take more steps toward the cloud as technology matures.”

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