AppHUB™ Shortcut | Free AWS Direct Connect Extention

A Better Way to Connect to AWS. Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth.

AppHUB Shortcut for AWS makes Direct Connect even easier for you to access AWS from your remote network. Shortcut enables you to connect your datacenter or office to your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and other Amazon resources like EC2 & S3 via a secure private connection. The result is a more consistent connectivity experience that can grow your firm’s AWS capabilities and enable applications with stricter network performance standards to be hosted in the cloud. Shortcut restricts AWS data transit via the internet by over 90%, securely directing traffic to a local AppHUB Internet Gateway near you. Shortcut can run on an existing broadband connection for quick and easy provisioning. See AppHUB for stronger connectivity options.

Shortcut Features

Improve Performance. Without Complexity.

  • Improved latency consistency without deploying circuits
  • Smoother performance for cloud hosted applications
  • Reduce AWS data transfer fees by 75%
  • Month-to-month terms
  • First 10Mbps are free

Three Zones. One Solution.

AppHUB Shortcut connects you to your AWS resources hosted in the US East (Virginia), US West (Oregon), or US West (N. California) availability zones. Controlled routing on the CFN network optimizes the shortest network path 100% of the time. Multiple devices may utilize the same AppHUB Local IP Gateway and share subscribed bandwidth. Traffic can be routed to multiple VPCs as long as the VPCs fall within the same AWS Account.

Get Connected. Today.

  1. Complete Online AppHUB Shortcut Provisioning Form
  2. Receive Local Gateway IP Address & Direct Connect via Console
  3. Build AWS Virtual Gateway & Interface in AWS Console
  4. Point LAN Traffic to AWS to Local Gateway IP Address
  5. Propagate VPC Routing Table to Configure traffic via AppHUB

Access Now Available out of the following metropolitan areas.

Atlanta | Chicago | New York | San Jose | Washington D.C.

Contact CFN for metros coming soon.

Pricing & Provisioning

Get Connected. Start Provisioning Today

Once the provisioning form (below) is completed, you will receive an email from CFN containing AppHUB Terms & Conditions along with the AppHUB secure order form. After submitting the order form to a CFN representative, expect to receive your Local AppHUB Gateway IP Address, AWS Direct Connect connection request, and Setup Instructions within the next 2 business days. AppHUB subscription does not include AWS Direct Connect Port or Data Transfer Fees charged directly by AWS.

Provisioning Form.

Please complete the form below and a CFN Services representative will reach out with AppHUB Terms & Conditions.


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