Apcela to Speak on the Importance of Monitoring and Analytics for Application Performance

Day: Tuesday, 5/7
Time of Presentation: 4:25 pm
Room: Highland Room 2
Use Case: SDWAN

Apcela’s CEO Mark Casey will be presenting a PoC at ONUG May 7th, 2019 in Dallas, Texas on “Improving network and application performance in real-time with monitoring and analytics.” This PoC will demonstrate a use-case for in-network monitoring and management in accelerating mean time to repair (MTTR).

Apcela – named after ‘application acceleration,’ understands that as companies move to more efficient and effective ways to deliver real-time data and applications around the globe, tools that provide visibility into the performance of network, infrastructure and application components become critical to business success.

Traditionally, when there is an application performance issue, a team of engineers search for the cause. In a typical MTTR scenario, 80% of the time is spent on problem identification and 20% on remediating. This affects end-user productivity. 

In an automated networking environment we can use analytics to find correlations around root cause problems, then program remediation and repair of the network. In this use case, we can ascribe 80% of the benefit to analytics, and time saved by technicians on root cause identification to drive ROI.

Mark has been speaking about this for several years now.  Clients go to Apcela for help with their performance monitoring across software-defined and cloud-based architectures. For this reason, Apcela has launched its AppSensor offering that continuously monitors and communicates the state of the network in real-time.

To meet with Mark at ONUG, email sales@apcela.com.

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