Apcela’s CEO Mark Casey will be speaking at SD-WAN Expo January 30, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL on “The Promise of Application Performance”panel. This “Power Lunch” panel will discuss how SD-WAN shines in application performance.

Mark has been speaking about this for several years now.  Clients go to Apcela for help with their application performance.  Due to the high usage of Office 365, Apcela launched its Office 365 Accelerator product offering.

Apcela – named after ‘application acceleration’, understands that as companies move to more efficient and effective ways to deliver real-time data and applications around the globe, the networks and infrastructure that provide the foundation for application delivery become critical to business success.

However, in today’s increasingly fast-paced world, traditional network and infrastructure solutions often fail to deliver the performance levels that organizations require. This affects end-user productivity. 

That is why Apcela delivers solutions that optimize the performance and security of distributed applications, and eliminates the network as an obstacle to business success. Apcela helps to evolve your WAN transport architecture to a next-generation distributed edge infrastructure that delivers a higher level of performance and security for all applications.

To meet with Mark at SD-WAN Expo, email sales@apcela.com.

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