Our company is known for providing high-performance network services through our global, low-latency optical network. We have also have extended the capabilities of the network with solutions such as AppHUB in order to help customers have more control over the performance of enterprise applications. And now with the introduction of its AppSensor, along with our recent announcement of the Apcela Enhanced Analytics Platform (EAP), we’re giving customers tools that help them keep applications running with the performance their end users demand.

Monitoring and maintaining application performance across hybrid IT environments has brought with it new challenges. There are tools for APM (application performance management) and NPM (network performance management), but the challenge is this: These separate categories of tools aren’t always going to help trace the root cause of every service interruption because they aren’t looking at the interactions between network and application. Separate historical data sets make it hard to pinpoint the point in time where performance started to degrade, and why – was there are short lived router configuration issue with a service provider? Was there a particular segment of the network impacting application performance?

The aim of Apcela’s AppSensor is to bring customers a network telemetry and monitoring agent that can scan and report on both network and application performance issues across underlay and overlay networks. How to deal with the multiple tools already in place, though?

That’s where EAP comes in. The sensors in our AppSensor are running tests and feeding telemetry into EAP over our low-latency network back to EAP, where we can harness Big Data processing techniques to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams find application-specific performance problems faster. The end result: reducing time-to-diagnose and accelerating time-to-repair. And that translates into more time helping grow your business.


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