“Digital Transformation” is arguably the buzzword of IT in 2016. Conferences have been held, news articles written, and research reports completed, all in honor of this hot new topic. 

Why? Across most, if not all industries, IT Teams and the technology they enable are becoming key stakeholders in revenue generation through digital transformation. Every company now has to be a technology company.  

Two books in particular on our reading list, caught our attention on the subject:

Gartner suggests that success in this new age will depend on high performance platforms enabling intelligent algorithms to make limitless critical business decisions and define customer interactions at the speed of light. Modern platforms will take cloud and XaaS integration to new heights, seamlessly interconnecting with legacy infrastructure and applications in on­ premise environments, breaking down silos of “dumb” data.  Those who succeed in the coming digital, algorithmic economy will drive a new way of thinking about technology with an emphasis on networks and partners, becoming “digital to the core” in order to thrive.

Bold follows suit as a manifesto for bringing together partners and technologies, at scale, to disrupt not just Fortune 500 companies, but the World at large.  Exponential technologies, such as those powering networks and platforms for digital transformation, have the opportunity for bold impact.

As a powerful example, think back to the time when Wall Street consisted of shouting orders on the trading floor. Following the digital transformation of Wall Street, trading firms turned to leverage high speed networks – moving large volumes of data from distributed infrastructure and liquidity pools in very specific and consistent ways – at latencies that can be measured at the millisecond, microsecond and sometimes even nanosecond-level.  The technology platforms designed to dematerialize the trading industry are set to do the same for the enterprise, bringing devices, applications and infrastructure closer and faster to every person who touches a business.  

Gartner authors note that 2016 promises to be the year Wall Street technology comes to Main Street.  IT leaders will need to take on the primary disruptive forces of the digital revolution and remap entire industries.  If interested in reading more, you can purchase BOLD or Digital to the Core or contact us for a summary and insight on how these strategies can impact your unique business.


About us: CFN’s platforms have powered more than 50% of the most sophisticated trading firms on Wall Street, as their algorithms remapped the capital markets industry at the speed of light. If we can be of any assistance as you remap your own industry, please feel free to get in touch.


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