This May, Tech Target interviewed CFN Services client and MIT CIO 2016 award winner, David Neitz.  Neitz, CIO of CDM Smith, was questioned on the role of money in IT business alignment.  Neitz’s answer may surprise you:

“Don’t go out for more money. That will kill you, if you go out and say, ‘Hey, I can do more if you give me more money.’ The key, I think, is for you to challenge what you’re doing and to challenge your team to think differently.

We’re all really good at creating to-do lists, not very good at creating the do-not-do lists. What can we stop doing? What capital are we spending, what attention are we spending of our key resources toward things that really don’t add value? And how do we stop doing those? How do we free up that time and capital so that we can redirect it to business outcomes? That’s creating value for the company, and that’s what we did. “

Watch the video interview or read the interview on Tech Target: CIO Minute: Money isn’t the golden ticket to IT-business alignment (May 2016).



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