Just as fast as HFTs are racing to Alpha, exchanges are moving data centers to keep up with them.

Over the last year, CBOE (to New York, NY) and NYSE (to Mahwah, NJ) announced their data center moves.  Whether a data center provider or exchange expands or moves to a bigger facility, the main driver is customer demand.

We immediately see news of international expansions, others making their debuts in the financial services space offering new services and connections and the proliferation of Big Data triggering increased demand.  To meet this, data centers need more space and power.

But not to fear – data center moves have big advantages including:

  • Providing the capacity for future growth
  • Opening up more asset classes both domestically and internationally
  • Enables exchanges and service providers to offer faster, more direct paths between their servers, other data centers and exchanges’ trade-matching engines
  • Help grow customers’ footprints and add new services (e.g., cloud)

In this industry as things literally move at the speed of light, ask yourself – are you where you need to be tomorrow?


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