“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

In an August 2012 Wired article on high-frequency trading, Alexander Dziejma, chief architect at Dymaxion Capital Management scoffed at the use of drones for microwave connectivity stating, “Someone will do this eventually.”  He was right.

A recent Reuters’ piece revealed that, the “laser beam technology developed for the U.S. military for communication between fighter jets is to be used over the (microwave) route between Britain and Germany in coming months.”  Additionally, the article cites, “…rivals are also racing to trim thousandths of seconds from routes to Moscow, Hong Kong and Tokyo, while also scrambling to find new technologies, including … drones as platforms for wireless links.”

Some believe that laser technology will be the next leap for fin-tech, as microwave dishes can be disrupted by weather and are limited in the data they provide.  This new hybrid approach combines lasers and millimeter-wave wireless dishes are slated to be rolled out on metro U.S. and UK routes soon.

The interesting element in the world of HFT is technology.  Despite the hiccups, it enables us to see opportunity when others do not, overcome issues that have not occurred and overall, have a hand in the evolution of something big.


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