Continuing the discussion on global firms’ investment in IT infrastructure — enabling global firms’ trading across different asset classes and better understanding infrastructure ROI, CFN Services’ President and CEO Mark Casey joined:

  • Jay Hibbin, Commercial Director, MarketPrizm
  • Patrick Lastennet, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Financial Services, Interxion
  • Andrew Phillips, Head of Systems, LMAX Exchange

on the ‘Low Latency, is it worth IT?’ panel during Low-Latency.com’s recent Summit in London.

The panel discussion revealed the fact that firms are seeking more value out of their IT investments:

  • There’s a stratification developing within ultra-low latency numbers revealing firms’ need for value and to spend less on latency
  • Cloud applications that once resided outside the trading grid are coming into the trading grids to reduce latency, leverage the compute power and scalability of cloud and realize a significant cost savings
  • Firms are looking at microwave as latencies continue to improve in metro areas because the economics are revealing themselves to be better than fiber