cgIn an interview with Networks Asia, Clement Goh, Managing Director, South Asia, Equinix, says with the adoption of cloud services, businesses are seeing a higher demand for strengthened network connectivity.

“Being physically closer to a reliable cloud service, SaaS, and application service providers offer lower latency due to the shortened traffic flow. Additionally, having direct access to those service providers enhances security as applications won’t have to pass through a public network,” says Goh.

According to Goh, once companies are connected to a data center, software-defined technologies can be used for provisioning and routing of traffic between different services.

Goh sites growing adoption of business mobility and IoT trends as compelling reasons to focus on network performance:

“Most, if not all, of the applications inside [mobile] devices are hosted on the cloud which are in turn run, stored and processed in data centers…providing robust interconnection and having established, dense ecosystems can bolster network performance to ensure end- users have the best customer experience.

Equinix Case Study

For instance, our Digital Media and Entertainment system is a brick-and-mortar platform for content companies, advertising networks, content delivery services, cloud service, and network providers to be directly and securely connected to each other in the data center. By shortening the physical distance and traffic flows between them, we can lower latency and enhance connection speeds.”

Business IoT trends are set to provide an even larger “strain on the network,” claims Goh.  As the data generated from IoT devices and sensors reaches an unprecedented scale, businesses can expect an exponential increase in network traffic.

Equinix worked with CFN Services to help MIT CIO 2016 award winner, David Neitz, CIO of CDM Smith, mitigate these network strains.  By leveraging the Equinix data centers over the CFN platform, CDM SMith experimented and adopted bandwidth heavy technologies, such as virtual realities, in collaboration with remote workers.  You can view the case study here. 

Source: Q&A: ‘Legacy infrastructure is becoming increasingly irrelevant’ | Networks Asia


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