The Engineering and Construction industry is constantly implementing new and demanding technologies to drive internal collaboration and develop groundbreaking solutions for clients. As a result, the best firms in the world are taking the term, “digital transformation” very seriously by integrating cutting edge technologies such as IoT, drone, and augmented reality.

Yet, as they transform, the industry is discovering that emerging technologies require more, and faster, data to perform. Did you know design and augmented reality (AR) applications use about 300x more bandwidth than your typical WebEx? If your firm utilizes the cloud, how will it handle the extra bandwidth required for increased data?

According to Forbes, it can’t, internet pipes will burst! The network becomes overwhelmed and speed and performance suffers.

One possible solution to this problem is to increase network capacity to accommodate the additional bandwidth needs, but this is an expensive band aid! Capacity increases fail to address performance challenges caused by dispersed users and cloud data.  Not to mention, a very temporary solution, as bandwidth needs will continue to grow with continued transformation and innovation.

Firms need a network architecture that is able perform across a dispersed ecosystem of SaaS and users and designed to adapt to bandwidth needs of the future. While innovations in the architecture and engineering space are impressive, it is important not to forget that a next-generation, future-ready network is the keystone of your digital transformation.

Look for a highly automated next-generation network architecture and eliminate the network as an obstacle to business success and innovation.

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