In 1956, the California-based Van Nuys News newspaper stated that there are three important things about real estate: location, location, location – officially coining the phrase. Fifty-seven years later, this still rings true — especially in the financial services technology market.  Location enables companies and customers to stay ahead of the curve, meet growing demand and innovate.

Recently, companies including Equinix, RTS and IPC announced their expansion efforts in the APAC region.

WB Research also did an interesting survey,  Spotlight on HFT in Asia Pacific, measuring market sentiment of HFTs in the APAC region, which dovetails nicely with these recent announcements.  Some interesting takeaways from this survey for me included:
• Data centers will become the new trading venues
• Technology vendors will lead the pack providing HFTs competitive strategies
• HFT firms will eventually evolve into brokers

The APAC region is changing and with change comes opportunity. Although some may not be prepared for this change, firms need to rise above the fear and identify the advantages in which APAC provides: a global footprint, the ability to address increasing trade volumes, decreased volatility, meeting client demand and lastly, providing firms a competitive advantage.

Are you ready for Asia?




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