News announcements, features and show panel topics have touched on the discussion and the benefits field programmable gate arrays (or FPGAs) provide for trading firms.  In short, they are extremely beneficial as FPGAs speed up the trading process by:

  • Reducing jitter caused by complex CPUs, generic operating systems, and network packets;
  • Eliminating the need to send data to the CPUs by combining FPGA with network cards;
  • Reducing the time for several types of calculations by a factor of 10.

For more on the basics of FPGA for HFTs, click here.

In a recent piece on HFT Review, Enyx, a leader in FPGA accelerated market data feeds spoke with co-founders Arnaud Derasse, CEO and Laurent de Barry, Head of Customer Support expanding on the benefits of FPGAs including:

  • Exchanges and trading venues can benefit by using FPGAs for broadcasting high-performance market data to customers and for inline pre-trade risk assessment.
  • Market data vendors. FPGA can help enable them to move to the high-frequency and high-performance space, by providing very low-latency data acquisition, feed handling and normalization of data to customers.
  • HFTs, sell-side, broker/dealers are becoming increasingly interested in running pre-trade risk checks on FPGA.

Read further on how FPGA can help you.  See the rest of this interview at HFT Review.

Some market data vendors have to service both legacy traders and high frequency traders ¾ therefore, they need to both maintain high performance and lower latency at the same time.  What firms are now realizing is that they need to integrate new technology into their existing legacy infrastructure to be successful.  Are you ready?



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