In an effort to beam data via ultra-fast microwave, trading firms and technology providers are seeking prime real estate hotter than beachfront property — on the roofs of data centers in key cities across the globe. Prime locations include:

  • Basildon, UK
  • Chicago
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Slough, UK

Like the California gold rush, the first person who gets the real estate starts the race for others jockeying to get space that is just as good. Per a recent Wall Street Journal piece, “Around the world, ‘there’s a bit of an arms race between various vendors to secure the right frequencies and roof space,’” said Patrick Lastennet, the director of financial services business for Interxion. This race for microwave connectivity is limited to first come first served and those who take get there first will reap its rewards.

Considering microwave?

First, decide “what” you want to employ microwave technology for — as the data is limited to a specific amount (that can be transferred). This will lead you to the “where”.  Locations will determine which data centers you need to consider.  Several factors that will influence your decision of data center are: reliable power, stable environment, network access, security and cost.  Lastly, the level of service in which you need — will lead you to the “who” your provider.  Are you looking to manage the complexities of microwave yourself or seeking a managed service provider?




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