Understanding Enterprise WAN Transformation – 2019 Survey Results

As 2019 kicked off, Apcela was curious how trends such as hybrid IT and distributed security will change over the next year. We decided to conduct a survey among the IT community to gain some insights about enterprise WAN transformation in 2019. We asked questions from the lifespan of MPLS to the projected growth of new technologies. Find out what we learned, and how it can help you make the best decisions this new year.

Main Takeaways:

  • Priorities: In 2019, Security is the primary focus. Other top priorities are cloud migration and integration, network improvements, and SD-WAN implementation.
  • Challenges: Most impactful challenges are budget and outdated legacy architectures.
  • Security: Companies need cheaper and easier ways to deploy security in increasingly complex hybrid IT environments
  • SD-WAN: Enterprises need help making the transition completely to SD-WAN and away from MPLS, and managed SD-WAN providers are providing a broader range of infrastructure technologies
  • Cloud: Migration to the cloud is in full swing, but many hybrid users are lacking the full benefits of cloud integration
  • Visibility and Monitoring: Companies are suffering from insufficient training, inefficient tool use, and vendor sprawl

Download the report to read more about enterprises moving towards hybrid IT, security architectures beginning to align with SD-WAN, complexity within the cloud, and more. To access this free resource, click here

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