If someone hears you laughing, the secret is out – you’re a fin-tech geek!

10. You can argue that the price market data goes up more often than the price of gas.

9.   When friends ask you where the coolest place in NYC is, you tell them NY4.

8.   You use the term “ultra-low-latency” instead of “fast.”

7.   You forgot that Spam is actually a food.

6.   You consider FX Networks as a possible network provider in the foreign exchange space – not a TV network that airs snarky comedies like Archer.

5.   Slough sounds like an interesting place to visit.

4.   You show up at a networking function with your engineering team and equipment.

3.   Your non-geek friends have no idea what you do for a living.

2.   You know what a router is and you know what a bit is, but you’ve never heard of a router bit.

1.   You might be a geek if you feel inclined to add your own “You might be a fin-tech geek if…” in the comment below.

Reach your inner geek and share with us what you consider to be a tell-tale sign of being a fin-tech geek!


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