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Simplify the Complexity of Hybrid IT Application Delivery with AppHUB

Apps, once secured and accessed via enterprise data centers, have moved to the cloud. Users have moved beyond enterprise firewalls, requiring remote access and mobility. Enterprise IT is now distributed and apps are delivered from hybrid environments – resulting in performance challenges and complexity.

This fragmented landscape requires a new application delivery model – an evolution in how applications are delivered, secured and managed to ensure optimal performance and end-user experience.

Speed, performance, security and simplicity are critical factors driving the IT architecture underlying the highest performing, next-generation distributed edge infrastructures.

Learn how AppHUB bridges legacy premises-based IT and cloud environments – delivering speed, performance and security while simplifying application delivery.

High Performance Networking

Always fastest. Guaranteed. Ensure application performance for any user, any device, any location with the lowest latency platform.

Distributed Application Hosting & IaaS

Integrate & interconnect legacy enterprise applications and infrastructure with distributed applications, data and users – building high performance “express lanes” past network and Internet congestion.

Cloud & Exchange Interconnections

Leverage our award winning low-latency, software defined platform with direct connectivity to hybrid cloud solutions and globally distributed SaaS and IaaS datacenters.

Consulting & Professional Services

There is no one-size-fits-alll solution. We will build one that works best for you, reducing costs and accelerating performance.

What are your challenges?


Unified Communications & Collaboration

Deliver a best-in-class voice and video experience to your users and customers for Unified Communications, IP Voice Services, EMS, Call Centers, Video Streaming & Web Conferencing.

Enterprise Business Mobility

Ensure optimal end-user experience for mission critical applications anywhere. Whether working at home, on the road or at the airport, applications perform like you never left the office.

ERP, CRM & Business Applications

On-premises and cloud-based applications get the network performance they need to meet real-time business objectives.

Market Access and Data for the Capital Markets

The next generation of market data speed, direct connectivity and proximity hosting is here. Trade faster.

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