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Topics such as underground fiber and microwaves connecting market centers have caught the public’s imagination of late, although the average person is still oblivious to how much trading information is being zapped across nations in milliseconds. For CFN Services, though, the topic is old hat. The vendor’s work on interlaced circuits between New York and Chicago earned it a place at the top table of low-latency network providers, and with its Alpha Platform, it has cemented that reputation by winning the first-ever award for the best buy-side low-latency trading network or the environment.

To put it simply, speed still matters. Many are content to cite the speed-of-light issue, arguing that incremental speed gains cannot be justified commercially, especially the closer one gets to the speed of light, rendering the latency arms race dead, although there is still a definite appetite for shaving microseconds off round trips between data centers and matching engines. Alpha Platform provides buy-side firms with ultra-low-latency market data while allowing hyper-fast execution across liquidity venues and geographies. Its clientele includes a large percentage of the industry’s top high-frequency and proprietary trading firms, notorious for being the most technically adept and demanding capital markets clients.


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