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Super Node Architecture Powering CFN’s TradingHUB™ Enables Clients to Connect to Leading North American and European Venues Starting at $202

HERNDON, VA — July 16, 2013 – CFN Services (, a leading provider of managed IT services to the financial services industry, today announced its advanced architecture that enables transparent, affordable pricing to major venues in North America and Europe.

TradingHUB™, CFN’s secure, reliable service that connects global liquidity venues is now powered by CFN’s secure “Super Node” architecture while providing clients a secure Internet option. CFN’s “Super Node” switching infrastructure utilizes carrier-neutral data centers instead of proprietary, legacy points-of-presence. This approach takes expensive dated equipment, facilities and operational costs out of the equation. Additionally, clients that choose CFN’s secure Internet option will benefit from the power of CFN’s SDN (software-defined networking) — removing the need for rack space, switches, and cross-connects.

As a result, clients that seek less latency sensitive services including banks, brokers, exchanges, hedge funds, sell-side firms, analytics firms, clearing and settlement providers will benefit from:

  • Affordable, transparent pricing: $200 monthly, plus $2 per Mbps (regardless of distance);
  • Reliable, secure access to major financial markets’ data centers in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, London, and Frankfurt;
  • Fast web provisioning;
  • 24/7 customer service from engineers who understand the financial services industry; and
  • Contract flexibility (monthly vs. annual contracts).

“For years we’ve provided secure, ultra-low latency services to financial services institutions. Several of them, particularly sell-side firms, asked us to provide an easy-to-use, affordable service for applications less latency sensitive than algorithmic trading. We have.” said Paul Edelmann, Senior Vice President, CFN Services.

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About CFN Services in the Global Financial Markets

CFN Services is a leading provider of managed IT services that improve business performance for many of the world’s most sophisticated financial markets participants. CFN developed the Alpha Platform™, a high-performance, the global cloud that includes connectivity, collocation, virtual machines, market data delivery, trade execution, news and other advanced services across key liquidity venues and major asset classes worldwide. Buy-side, sell-side brokers, and a broad range of intermediaries use CFN’s Alpha Platform to seamlessly integrate proprietary and best-of-breed trading applications. For more information about CFN’s services, please visit:

About CFN Services

CFN Services provides high-performance network and application delivery solutions for real-time, mission-critical applications. Leveraging FiberSource®, CFN’s global network optimization platform, the company deploys and manages low-latency networks and private cloud solutions to cost-effectively improve application performance in distributed IT environments. CFN’s global cloud platform connects more than 50 leading data centers across North and South America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit


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