Why Apcela

We deliver solutions that optimize the performance and security of distributed applications and eliminate the network as an obstacle to business success


We deliver real-time data and applications around the globe.

As companies move to more efficient and effective ways to deliver real-time data and applications around the globe, the networks and infrastructure that provide the foundation for application delivery become critical to business success.


We know application performance is paramount.

In today’s increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world, traditional network and infrastructure solutions often fail to deliver the performance levels that organizations require. New IT delivery methods and platform solutions provide a strategic long-term approach that sets the foundation for optimized performance.


We have the IT expertise you need.

Our team’s deep experience and expertise in global networks, enterprise IT and emerging next-generation technologies help us deliver solutions that solve our client’s most pressing challenges – improving the performance and delivery of real-time, mission-critical data and applications across geographically distributed IT environments.

A View of Who We Are

Starting back in 2007, our team leveraged our collective experience in large-scale network optimization for global enterprises and expanded into the capital markets – pioneering the development of dedicated and secure high-performance, high-speed networks between major financial exchanges, effectively shifting the market’s view on low latency networks and dedicated infrastructure for high frequency trading.

Today, this infrastructure supports more than half of the world’s most sophisticated capital markets participants and is the foundation of Apcela’s Alpha Platform, the first globally distributed, high-performance trading platform for electronic trading.

Leading-Edge Technology Solutions

Apcela continues to extend its innovative, leading-edge technology solutions – accelerating network and application performance for globally distributed enterprises, capital markets participants and cloud service providers.


With AppHUB, we’re broadening high-performance access and optimizing the delivery of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for globally distributed enterprises and emerging companies.

Alpha Platform

With Alpha Platform, we’re broadening access to leading-edge financial technologies and trading applications across the capital markets over the world’s fastest global trading platform.


NetTransform is Apcela’s proven methodology and approach to help enterprises transform legacy IT networks and architecture to a next-generation infrastructure. This transformation cost-effectively improves the security and performance of distributed applications and cloud solutions.

That’s a view of who we are. We invite you to explore our products and learn more about how we can eliminate the network as an obstacle to business success. We look forward to learning more about your organization and helping you change the game.


Find out how Apcela can accelerate your business with high-performance application delivery. Request a consultation by filling out the form, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.