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The Next Generation of Financial Extranets.

Simplifying Application Delivery for the Financial Community.

The landscape for access to liquidity has changed. While liquidity itself remains as fragmented as ever, the geography of liquidity has seen significant consolidation over the past decade. It used to be that if you were a provider of services to the financial community an Extranet was required to reach your clients and counterparties. The same held true for users of financial services needing to connect to banking services or financial markets, whether for payments or order routing, or for front or back office applications and support.

Well, the world has changed – liquidity has consolidated from thousands of locations around the world to no more than a couple hundred key public and private financial markets data centers worldwide.  TradingHUB helps you access these aggregated pools of liquidity and all of the services supporting them, from a single hub in any liquidity center or from your own private location or data center.


Reduce Complexity and Cost

TradingHUB changes the way you do business. It’s a next-generation solution that reduces complexity and costs – linking you directly to clients and counterparties, including more than 400 banks and brokers, exchanges and dark pools, services and applications.


Quick and Easy Access

TradingHUB provides quick and easy access to an ever-increasing range of service providers covering almost every aspect of wholesale financial services, from market data and pre-trade risk management to clearing and settlement, ­with the best in latency, reliability and security.

Built on Apcela’s Alpha Platform, TradingHUB is fully integrated with our high-performance electronic trading platform, hosting best-of-breed, as well as proprietary, trading applications across every asset class in every global region.

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