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VIDEO: ONUG Spring 2019

This Spring, Apcela sent a team to Dallas, TX to meet other IT professionals and to share knowledge. Apcela CEO Mark Casey attended to give a proof of concept presentation demonstrating a use-case for in-network monitoring and management in accelerating mean time to repair (MTTR). Watch the video to learn more!
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VIDEO: How do CloudHubs Affect Security?

How does a CloudHub or an AppHub deployment affect your security strategy? To step into the future, we must first take a step back and think about how security was enforced over the last few decades. Watch the video to learn more.
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VIDEO: How do CloudHubs Affect Cloud Strategy?

By moving into a CloudHub infrastructure, it allows you to go out to the internet at these distributed CloudHubs, and allows you to reach the applications and the cloud infrastructure within those regions where the CloudHubs are deployed. Learn more in this video.
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WEBINAR: Three Reasons Why Office 365 is Getting You Down

Watch a group of industry experts discuss some of the common challenges that enterprises face when deploying Office 365, including single instances supporting globally distributed enterprises, centralized internet egress points, and security and network limitations.
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WEBINAR: Three Steps To Boost SD-WAN ROI

To listen to this webinar, click here. SD-WAN is still the shiny object, but that aside – enterprises may have an idea of the ROI it will provide immediately, but what about in the long run? In conjunction with PacketPushers and part of its Virtual Des …

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VIDEO: Apcela’s Enhanced Analytics Platform

In this proof of concept presentation from ONUG Fall 2018, Apcela’s Director of Solutions Architecture, Hamza Seqqat, demonstrates Enhanced Analytics Platform’s ability to pull data via API from disparate sources, including SD-WAN overlay. Enhanced Ana …

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