Meet +WAN.
a WAN Born & Built in the Cloud Age

The Apcela +WAN is a new Enterprise Wide Area Networking product purpose-built to deliver high performance for the next-generation of business applications utilizing SD-WAN technology.

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Faster Applications For Faster Business

Faster Applications For Faster Business

Experience consistent performance for every enterprise application with Apcela’s award-winning cloud interconnected low-latency network platform.

  • Accelerate the delivery of real-time applications over a global low-latency network
  • Know exactly how, when, and where your traffic will flow with +WAN congestion-free Global Controlled Routing
  • Push terabyte-sized files across the World in a matter of hours with 10 Gbps high capacity infrastructure

Connect Your World

Deliver your distributed applications faster than ever before with the largest interconnected application delivery platform.

  • Uncongested direct connectivity built into IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud platforms
  • Greater virtualization by deploying applications closer to users within any one of Apcela’s 60+ regional cloud data centers
  • Measure individual cloud and on-premises application performance using +WAN’s real time application delivery monitoring tools
Connect Your World

Software Defined for Simplicity

Software Defined for Simplicity (SD-WAN)

+WAN has SD-WAN built-in providing all the functional and economic benefits of Hybrid WAN, virtual service chaining, encryption, and rapid site provisioning.

  • Fully Managed Service: Complete with 24x7x365 Network Operating Center (NOC) and live certified network and security engineering expertise
  • Match Performance With Cost: Utilize 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps private and/or internet VPN branch connections only where required
  • Built With The Future In Mind: Take on global enterprise mobility and IoT network challenges and adapt to support first-to-market network technologies


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