High-Performance Network and Application Delivery Solutions

Our custom solutions are architected to address performance issues where latency, distributed data sources and applications, and broad access to systems across locations, devices, and geographies may all come into play.

For Enterprise

The Apcela +WAN is a new Enterprise Wide Area Networking product purpose-built to deliver high performance for the next-generation of business applications.

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For Application Providers

With SaaS Accelerator, users experience your application at peak performance where and when it counts, on their device wherever they may be in the World in real-time.

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Capital Markets: Alpha Platform

Improving Trading Application Performance for the Capital Markets

Innovate and move beyond the traditional infrastructure approaches for the capital markets. Leave behind the complexity and high costs associated with building, sourcing and maintaining high performance and leading-edge technology.

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For Colocation Providers

Apcela Exchange makes your site a high performance direct connect hub for dozens of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers including AWS and Azure, while extending your service offerings to other – Apcela connected enterprises.

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