High Performance Network and Application Delivery for Hybrid IT


Improve the performance and security of your applications – anywhere, on any device, for all users

AppHUB is a suite of solutions that improves the performance and security of enterprise applications, whether they’re on-premises, span hybrid IT environments, or live in the cloud.  Built on a global, low-latency application delivery platform, these solutions are easily integrated in your wide area network to ensure your apps are available to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Network + Performance + Application Delivery

Network + Visibility + Control

Performance + Security + Application Delivery

AppHUB Platform

Access a global network of distributed application hubs securely connected with a high performance, low-latency backbone that accelerates application delivery across hybrid IT environments. AppHUBs provide an on-ramp to Apcela’s application delivery platform.

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Deploy software-defined technology at the enterprise edge to improve application performance, visibility and control.

Cloud Gateways

Integrate high performance and security managed interconnections between your wide area network and cloud applications. Simply plug into the nearest AppHUB for the best possible performance and dedicated connectivity over Apcela’s global low-latency network.

Security + Application Delivery

Visibility + Control

Distributed Security

Distribute your enterprise next-gen firewall platform, integrated with Secure Web Gateways and Cloud Access Security Brokers, closer to end-users while accelerating application performance. Move beyond centralized security models and simplify end-point and cloud security via the AppHUB platform.

Application Performance Management

Manage the end-to-end performance of your enterprise apps across your user base, regardless of the location of your applications, data and users.

Apcela’s Alpha Platform

Serving more than half of the world’s most sophisticated financial markets participants



Improve your trading performance and profitability

Alpha Platform

Simplify the complexity and high costs of building, sourcing and maintaining high performance trading infrastructure and leading-edge technology.

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Trading HUB

Easily access service providers across all aspects of wholesale financial services, from market data and pre-trade risk management, to clearing and settlement.


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