Global Carrier Reduces Local Access Costs While Expanding LEC Colocation

Global Carrier Reduces Local Access Costs While Expanding LEC Colocation

A leading global carrier with more than $25 billion in revenues had launched a strategic initiative to significantly reduce the $8 billion in local access transport costs it was spending with the local telephone companies (LECs). The carrier needed to expand the base of LEC collocations in several high-cost, tier-two markets on a limited capital budget with limited operational resources.

Apcela analyzed the global carrier’s list of target sites for LEC collocation expansion and developed a plan to reach more than 15 sites across five markets for less than a third of the cost and in less than half the time than the carrier anticipated. The Apcela team integrated networks from several, third-party fiber owners, network extensions and interconnections necessary to deliver a set of seamless dark fiber networks and fiber-panel-to-fiber-panel in 15 LEC central offices across three different LECs.

The Apcela team also provided 24x7x365 network management, enabling a single call to support incident response and management of the fiber network across all five markets and 15 LEC central offices.  The final solution included:

  • Turnkey deployment of end-to-end fiber networks in 5 Tier 2 markets
  • Interconnection of the carrier’s POP with a total of 15 LEC collocations
  • Project delivery in half the time and at a third of the cost originally planned

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