Cloud Acceleration

Position your network for true cloud-readiness and optimize performance with AWS, Microsoft, and Google.


The advent of digital transformation saw every major enterprise adopting digital technologies to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Part of these efforts is to integrate internet-based software and cloud networking technology into their core business processes. 

Even with the integration of newer technologies, businesses may face operational bottlenecks due to poor deployment. A study by storage giant SanDisk revealed that employees could waste up to a week’s time when performing their functions using a slow cloud network.

To eliminate this barrier to business success, Apcela proudly delivers cloud acceleration solutions via a cloud accelerator to boost the performance of any cloud network.

What is Cloud Acceleration?

Cloud acceleration refers to a multi-dimensional operation that aims to optimize and improve the performance, efficiency, and overall user experience of cloud-based applications and services. 

With the help of a cloud accelerator, enterprises can benefit from enhanced connectivity between data centers and cloud networks to enable high-speed data transmission for faster content delivery.

Benefits of Cloud Acceleration

Businesses that adopt cloud acceleration can reap the benefits in the following ways:

  • Improved System Performance – Network acceleration provides enhanced data retrieval and reduced latency capabilities, which improves application responsiveness and overall performance. 
  • Enhanced User Experience – Faster delivery of content within your network results in faster load times and smoother interactions, contributing to a better user experience.
  • Service Reliability – Utilizing geo-redundant servers allows shifting between data centers and providers, which boosts service delivery speeds and reliability.
  • Cost Efficiency – Optimized resource utilization and data transmission reduces data transfer costs and cloud infrastructure expenses, which translates to more savings.
  • Boosts Scalability – A cloud accelerator allows applications to improve their capacity to handle increasing service demand, which helps them become more agile even in the face of changing business conditions. 

Empowering Your Cloud Journey

Apcela’s cloud acceleration services allow your business to deliver content to end-users and customers faster. A cloud accelerator boosts the performance of any cloud network, ensuring rapid delivery through a robust software-based network infrastructure. 

Our ultimate goal is simple: we wanted to simplify cloud connectivity for enterprises. To do this, we built a global network comprising 60+ CloudHubs in carrier-neutral data centers worldwide. Through this robust cloud network, we enable you to easily connect to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers.

We do the heavy cloud lifting and match your connection speeds with your workloads so that you can focus on innovation and growth. At the same time, you enjoy the seamless power of the cloud by connecting providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure in multiple locations or leveraging Equinix Cloud Exchanges to optimize your hybrid IT environments by providing sub-millisecond public cloud access.


Cloud Connected

Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration

Data centers in the cloud

At the center of Apcela’s network acceleration solution is our proprietary AppHub, a virtual data center in the cloud. Apphub provides the framework that enables us to deliver a software-defined, cloud-optimized network solution by relying on multiple data centers worldwide. Instead of depending on a single premise-based data center per region, we manage a dynamic, global footprint of over 60 AppHubs around the world to create a distributed and resilient network architecture. This approach enables us to harness the full potential of the cloud.

Cloud Acceleration
Cloud Acceleration

At the center of the action

AppHubs are located at carrier-neutral cloud exchanges around the world. This cloud centric architecture   allows us to remain agile in selecting service providers best suited for a business’s specific needs based on their workload and budget. Customers can then leverage the peering, direct connection, and location benefits of being in the same exchanges as major SaaS and IaaS services. These include the likes of Office 365, Salesforce, AWS, and Google Cloud – all without needing to establish their physical connections. Essentially, AppHub does the heavy lifting to find optimal connections for you.

Office 365 Acceleration

Microsoft’s Office 365 was not built for the legacy, on-premises-based data center model – it was designed for the cloud. Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator helps digitally transforming enterprises harness the true potential of O365 by streamlining cloud adoption. This improves performance and reduces the latency that branch offices and users commonly experience as the distance from the data center increases. Office 365 Accelerator easily integrates with your WAN architecture to quickly connect with Microsoft, improving accessibility to the suite and ensuring the reliability of the connection.

Cloud Acceleration

Office 365 Acceleration Features

Cloud Acceleration

Global Connectivity

Eliminate congestion and network latency using our cloud networking solutions to give your business immediate access to Microsoft’s global network of 100+ locations without hair-pinning traffic.

Cloud Acceleration

Improved Application Performance

Segmentation improves cloud connectivity and application performance. Using our software-defined approach, we segment O365 traffic using Microsoft-approved SD-WAN technology, resulting in a 30-50% improvement in the performance of Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Cloud Acceleration

Route Optimization

Route optimization helps you manage O365 tenant locations and hybrid IT environments effectively using our SD-WAN technology. Apcela ensures the seamless flow of information by routing traffic through our private backbone network, eliminating costly network hairpins in the process. Implementing these route optimization strategies accelerates cloud adoption without requiring additional capital investment.

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Apcela eBook: The Definitive Guide to Optimizing your Office 365

The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Your Office 365

Read how the network design can impact your bottom line, and discover some of the common causes of O365 performance issues – and their solutions. Access real use cases and instructions for how to get started with assessing your network. Get the knowledge you need to improve your Office 365 experience today.

“The legacy ‘data center as the center of the universe’ network and network security architecture is obsolete and has become an inhibitor to the needs of digital business.”


The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud

“Apcela is a rapidly expanding provider of highly innovative solutions in the SD-WAN and SDN space.”

ISG Provider Lens

Network-Software Defined Solutions

Managed Services

Managed Network Services

Not all managed network providers are created equal, especially when it comes to the cloud. We have enabled some of our most dynamic enterprises in the world to transform their network infrastructure and business. With more than 10 years of industry experience in application and network acceleration, we’d love to do the same for you. Our team of operators and architects uses a customer-focused approach to align with your objectives, ensuring your network remains agile and ready to support your business growth.

SD-WAN Management

Your customers and employees will need things to run smoothly – and for that, you need the efficiency and reliability of the cloud. But we understand that migrating your business workload could mean incurring additional costs and facing several hassles along the way. To alleviate this load, we provide a managed SD-WAN service that reduces multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) costs by up to 50%. This helps you deliver application-aware routing while removing the complexities of managing your network.

Managed Cloud Security

Business growth raised the need for tighter security within your systems. Part of this process requires you to provide secure web gateways, deploy intrusion detection systems and set up firewalls. However, the future of security is in the cloud – and we can help you get there. At Apcella, we apply an AppHub model that allows you to lift and shift your original security platform to the cloud. In addition, we offer you cloud-delivered security through Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). SASE provides you with policy-based control custom-tailored to your security and performance needs.

We also operate security operation centers 24/7, run by our support team of operators and CCIE-certified engineers. Call any time of the day if you need network performance and security assistance. You will also be granted access to a monitoring and ticketing dashboard where you can monitor and check network performance.

Professional Services

Whether it’s a cloud network assessment, a pair of knowledgeable hands throughout a migration, or a full-scale network re-design, we know that customer needs come in all shapes and sizes. Our team of network engineers, operators, and project managers would love to assist you with workload migration to cloud network assessment. We understand your business needs and have a suite of professional services to cater to them.

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