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To accelerate cloud application performance, start by mapping your apps

With the proliferation of hybrid and SD-WAN deployments, Apcela’s Founder and CEO does a deep dive on why enterprise IT teams are still struggling with cloud application performance and how to solve this challenge by getingt more from your SD-WAN deployment.

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State of the WAN 2018: Enabling a “sea-change” in network architecture

A sea-change is occurring in enterprise networking as the adoption of SD-WAN continues to rise, according to Dr. Jim Metzler, co-founder and principal analyst with consultancy Ashton, Metzler & Associates. Dr. Metzler’s commentary on the state of t …

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Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution: Your Telemetry and Monitoring Agent to Help Accelerate Your Business

Our company is known for providing high-performance network services through our global, low-latency optical network. We have also have extended the capabilities of the network with solutions such as AppHUB in order to help customers have more control …

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Industrial IoT will Reshape Network Requirements

This article was originally published on on March 9, 2018. INDUSTRIAL IOT The hype around IoT may have been surpassed this year by breathless coverage of topics such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, but there continue to be interesting... Read More

Security is top of mind for developers in 2018

A key function that enterprises are growing very concerned about is network and application security. SD-WAN will start to become a bigger part of the discussion around addressing those concerns in 2018. What we’ve often heard from customers is that they are... Read More

Apcela 2018 Predictions: Security on the Mind

This article was originally published on on January 23, 2018. Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2018. Read them in this 10th annual series exclusive. Security on the Mind It would be hard not to think of 2017 as a... Read More

Looking back at the year in SD-WAN

It would be hard not to think of 2017 as a tipping point for SD-WAN services. Many vendors saw growth accelerate significantly owing to enterprise need for the cost and operational savings offered by SD-WAN technology. That growth has been sustained this year by... Read More

Network security in the era of hybrid cloud

Apcela’s CEO Mark Casey explains why a different approach to enterprise network architecture in tandem with cloud-based security services can help increase the effectiveness of existing security practices and technology.

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