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Measuring Organizational Speed in the Age of Digital Transformation

In this blogpost, we walk through the questions that truly transformative CIOs use to gauge success.

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The Cost of a Legacy: Why the Network You Once Revered Is Now Hindering Your Business

This article was originally published on TABBForum on August 27, 2019. With so much riding on the rails of organizations’ networks, CIOs at financial services companies are prone to taking a cautious approach to upgrading. But this trepidation has put …

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How Mapping your Apps can Improve Cloud Connectivity, Even Over The Internet

Do you know where your applications are? If your first thought was, “in the cloud, duh” you aren’t wrong – but just because applications are hosted in the cloud does not mean that they don’t have physical locations. Services like Microsoft Office 365 l …

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Apcela at Palo Alto Ignite 2019

Apcela attended the 2019 Palo Alto Ignite conference to learn about new achievements in the security industry. Read engineer Kunal Thakkar’s review of the event.

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ONUG Spring 2019: Video

This Spring, Apcela sent a team to Dallas, TX to meet other IT professionals and to share knowledge. Apcela CEO Mark Casey attended to give a proof of concept presentation demonstrating a use-case for in-network monitoring and management in accelerating mean time to... Read More


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