About Us

Accelerating Business with High-Performance Application Delivery

Our Mission

As applications disperse and bandwidth needs grow, speed and interconnectivity are becoming more critical to powering global enterprises, devices, and the Internet of Things. Apcela transforms enterprise IT networking to provide network-less networking and infrastructure-less IT solutions that interconnect top global datacenters and optimize application performance for interconnected devices. Our guarantee is to deliver the fastest network speed and highest performance to your users with the most adaptable infrastructure. Go faster with Apcela.

Our Story

Founded as CSX Fiber Networks (then renamed CFN Services) in 2005, we pioneered the development of high-performance networks that created the shortest and lowest-latency paths between major financial exchanges. CFN shifted the market’s view on low-latency networks and dedicated infrastructure for high frequency trading. Today, this infrastructure supports more than half of the world’s most sophisticated capital markets participants and is the foundation of CFN’s Alpha Platform, the first globally distributed, high-performance trading platform for electronic trading.

Since our formation, we have expanded our infrastructure and high-performance network solutions to develop the World’s fastest and most connected application delivery platform. With that expansion came a new name.

Apcela is now leading the industry, speeding access to cutting-edge network technologies and high-performance application delivery for global markets.

Our History


Acquires CSX Fiber Networks’ intellectual property from railroad operator CSX and forms CFN Services


Creates FiberSource, a network optimization platform and knowledge base of more than 600K route miles of fiber and wireless assets


Market leadership in low latency networks and dedicated infrastructure for high frequency trading


Customer-driven growth to 185 markets and 41 countries


Launches AppHUB, a global application delivery platform for hybrid IT


Layers SD-WAN technology into platform and accelerates over 500 enterprise SaaS/IaaS applications


CFN Services rebrands and launches new corporate name, Apcela


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