Formula 1 and NASCAR championships have been around and racing for over 68 years thrilling audiences worldwide with breakneck speed. Throughout the years there’s been a lot of technological advancement to make these cars go faster, such as turbo and hybrid technology which the world has benefited from.

At Apcela, we are anchored on Speed and Performance for hybrid IT. While we know what drives speed and performance for application delivery, we got to wondering about what drives performance on the track and how have Formula 1 cars advanced in technology over the years? We also wondered what color cars win the most? Which teams and car numbers win the most? Where do winning drivers come from? To answer these questions and more we commissioned Go Fish Digital to take a look at some of the statistics for both Nascar and Formula 1, and here’s what we found:

The most common formula 1 winning car color

This probably may be no surprise but red seems to be the most common color of championship winning Formula 1 cars, with red cars winning the championship as well as 2nd and 3rd place the most out of any other color.

Formula 1 teams with the most championship wins

When it comes to teams, Ferrari has won the most championships with McLaren and Williams coming in second and third place respectively.

The most common Nascar winning car color

NASCAR has a bit more variation than Formula 1 with blue being the most common color of drivers’ championship winning cars. 2nd and 3rd place winning colors go to black and white cars.

Nascar manufacturers with the most championship wins

Chevrolet leads the way in the NASCAR Drivers Championship with drivers using a variety of Chevrolet cars to win 32 championships. Ford comes in 2nd place with 8 wins and Dodge comes in 3rd with five wins.

Driver nationalities with the most championship wins

NASCAR truly is an American sport with only American drivers winning and claiming every Drivers Championship since the sport started. Formula 1 on the other hand see’s British drivers winning the most championships with a total of 17 championship wins since Formula 1 began.

Average championship winning driver age

Looking at the average winning driver age, NASCAR drivers are slightly older than Formula 1 winning drivers at 34 years old compared to Formula 1 drivers being 31 years old.

Championship winning nascar drivers’ home states

With NASCAR born and raised in North Carolina it’s only fitting that the majority of winning drivers come from the NASCAR state with 26 winning drivers born here. Other states producing the most winning drivers include California with 12 winning drivers from here and South Carolina with 8 winning drivers.

Sponsors with the most championship wins

Sponsorship is big business in motorsport and each fan has their favorite livery. In terms of sponsors with the most wins, West and Lowes seem to of had the best bang for their buck with their sponsored cars winning championships the most.

Championship winning numbers

1’s lead the way in winning car numbers for both Formula 1 and NASCAR with cars featuring the number 1 winning the most Formula 1 championships and NASCAR cars featuring the number 11 winning the most NASCAR drivers championships.

Formula 1 technology throughout the years

When we look at technological advancement through racing, Formula 1 has been a true trailblazer with turbo and hybrid technology pioneered here and its use paving the way for this technology to find its way to mass production vehicles throughout the world. It can be said that Formula 1 is the pinnacle of auto technology with many manufacturers using it as a showcase for the latest performance efficiencies.

Formula 1 cars seem to getting more performance for less with the smaller 1.6 litre engine being a whopping 6.2 seconds faster round the track than the 2.4 litre engine used from 2009-2014.

So there you have it. Formula 1 is the cutting edge of car technology and the average winning driver for Formula 1 is 31 years old, British, and drives a red number 1 car whereas the average winning driver for NASCAR is 34 years old, American (normally from North Carolina) and drives a blue number 11 car.

As we progress it’s going to be very interesting to see the performance and speed gains new technology brings with it to the sport.

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