Trading Firm Migrates to Fully Managed Trading Infrastructure

Trading Firm Migrates to Fully Managed Trading Infrastructure

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As lead traders in large corporate investment firms and banks look for more control over their future, many are taking the leap to start their own proprietary trading firms. A leading high-frequency trading firm came to Apcela with such a challenge. Their goal was to be up-and-trading in real-time within 30 days. They had previously worked with other vendors to integrate a comprehensive solution to optimize their trading ecosystem from pre- to post-trade execution; however, they struggled with managing contracts and vendors. That is when they turned to Apcela to assist in the effort so they could focus on the goals and profitability of their multi-asset trading strategy.

Apcela’s Alpha Platform provided the value, flexibility and control the firm required. Through a module approach offered by Apcela, the trading firm was able to select components they wanted to keep in-house and outsource those they did not. They did not need to question their buying decisions as Apcela is host- and carrier-neutral, designing the best solution for each customer’s specific needs. Apcela also provided peace of mind by clearly presenting the pros and cons of several potential solutions. The end result was that Apcela was able to implement a comprehensive solution without the significant capital required to independently architect a high-performance trading platform.

By utilizing Apcela’s expertise and suite of products including the Alpha Platform, the firm significantly reduced the number of partners and vendors they needed to engage in negotiation and contract processes. This effort freed up to 25 hours a week during pre-start up time for the firm to focus on its core areas of the business. Additionally, the goal to be up and trading within 30 days was met. The trading firm acknowledged that Apcela helped accelerate their development cycle allowing them to strengthen their place in the market.

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