WEBINAR: Three Steps to a Cloud-ready WAN in 2018

WEBINAR: Three Steps to a Cloud-ready WAN in 2018

As enterprise applications continue their migration to the cloud at an accelerating pace, enterprise IT application and networking managers are challenged to deliver application performance across an increasingly complex hybrid IT environment. As most enterprise network architectures were designed to support delivery of applications from the enterprise datacenter to users, the complexity of hybrid IT requires new approaches to networking.

In this webinar, Dr. Jim Metzler, Principal Analyst, Ashton, Metzler, & Associates and author of the 2018 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design and Mark Casey, CEO of Apcela discuss:

  • The State of the WAN in 2018: Jim Metzler will provide an overview of his 2018 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design
  • Three Simple Steps to a Cloud-Ready WAN: Mark Casey will discuss three simple steps to enable enterprises to get the most out of their SD-WAN technology. These include:

Step 1: Map Your App
Where are your users?  Where are your applications?  What is the flow between your users and applications? To ensure high performance with your apps, you need understand where you are going and how to get there.

Step 2: Leverage Distributed Communications/Applications Hubs
Communications hubs are global, carrier-neutral, colocation data centers with robust marketplaces of services that provide high performance, low latency, low cost with internet peering and direct interconnects to the cloud. They are the best way to optimize connectivity to multiple cloud providers through a single peering point. From them, you can deploy distributed compute and distributed security.

Step 3: Deploy SD-WAN Overlays
Once the communications/applications hubs are strategically deployed, you can apply an SD-WAN overlay and have something powerful by fully leveraging SD-WAN’s capabilities.

  • Key Considerations for WAN Evolution: Jim Metzler will dive deeper into considerations for 2018 including branch offices,Layer 4-7 functionality and preferred locations for WANs.

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