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Why the Modern WAN needs to look more like a CDN?

Leveraging CDN Principles Supercharges your WAN Performance  In the world where the CIOs have a ‘Cloud First / SaaS First’ manifesto, new applications and services will be prioritized for cloud deployment; existing on-prem applications will be candidat …

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What is Multicloud Networking?

Multicloud networking refers to the practice of connecting and integrating networking resources and services across multiple cloud computing platforms. In a multicloud environment, an organization uses services from more than one cloud provider, such a …

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Top 6 Trends in Multicloud Networking for 2024 

In 2024, multi-cloud networking and security solutions will continue to evolve rapidly, driven by the increasing adoption of cloud services and the need for enterprises to leverage multiple cloud service providers across a growing base of distributed a …

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The Advantages of Cloud Strategy

The Advantages to a Cloud Strategy for Multiple Platforms

Apcela’s Definition Deep Dive Series Section 1: Overview of Multicloud   First of all, Multicloud is an approach or architecture – a cloud strategy – rather than a product. At its core, Multicloud is the use of multiple cloud computing and storage services... Read More
Cloud Security Features

How To Keep Your Networks Safe And Secure

Apcela’s Tips For Network Security and Management   First, What is Network Management? Network management describes the process of not only operating a data network, but organizing it so that performance is at its ideal capacity. Both software and hardware tools... Read More
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Benefits of SD-WAN Architecture

What are the benefits of implementing SD-WAN architecture, and how does this relate to the movement to the cloud? What is SD-WAN architecture and what differentiates it from traditional WAN?  Software-defined wide area networks have revolutionized WAN architecture... Read More
Hybrid WAN vs. SD-WAN

Hybrid WAN vs. SD-WAN

What is an SD-WAN architecture?  A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture which connects hardware in different locations. It allows for the use of various types of connections to be used in transporting data, including private lines,... Read More
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Wide Area Network Basics 

The basic words that make a whole lot of a difference in our virtual world. Wide Area Network or WAN is a network that much of our society currently depends on for virtual connectivity. Keep reading to find out what it is and why it’s an essential part of our... Read More
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The Evolution of WAN    

The birth of Wide Area Networks A wide area network (WAN) is a massive network that can use different types of links to relay, store and communicate data no matter the location through a WAN provider. The evolution of WAN corresponded with the change of enterprises:... Read More
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How to Secure VDI in the Cloud with Minimal Latency

By Mark Casey, CEO of Apcela Millions of people worldwide have receded from their offices to work from the safe confines of their home cocoons. As a result, enterprises are looking for easily deployed technologies that will allow workers to access their necessary... Read More
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Was a 100% Remote Workforce in your Network Diagram?

This article was originally published on TMCnet’s Cloud Computing Magazine on April 9, 2020 Just like that, the CEO said, “All employees will work remote until further notice,” and the network that was ‘transitioning’ to a next-generation architecture was... Read More

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