Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support Portal

1. How do I get help?

If you have questions about Apcela’s services, or need help opening a new ticket please contact technical support as follows:

  1. Call +1 866 450 979. This is a toll-free number.
  2. Email
  3. Use Customer Support Portal.
2. I am not receiving emails from Technical Support. What could be wrong?
Technical support emails are sent from

Check and ensure that this email address is not being caught by spam. We recommend adding this email address to your address book.

3. How do I refer to a ticket on the Customer Portal?

Customer Portal Tickets will be identified by a ticket number of the form AHD-34, where “AHD” stands for Apcela Help Desk and “34” is the ticket serial number.

4. How do I get an account on the Customer Portal?

You can self-register by clicking here.

5. What choices do I have for One-Time Password (OTP) applications/utilities?

We strongly recommend Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator runs on Android and Apple iOS and is well supported by Google.

You may also try Authy. Authy is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple iOS.

6. What is a QR code?

A QR code is a graphical image that contains, in the case of One-Time Passwords, a password secret code.

An example QR code is shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions

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