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Apcela, an application delivery company, launched this week its Enhanced Analytics Platform (EAP), aimed at machine learning. Built for complex enterprise IT environments, EAP assesses real-time event and metric-driven data between networks, applications, and tools, bridging the gap between data silos due to limited analytics, while addressing enterprises’ need for dynamic, predictive, automated analysis across networks.

This launch debuts EAP’s critical enabler, Apcela’s Cisco SD-WAN/ELK EAP API. Operating on Apcela’s global ultra-high performance, low-latency backbone, this API leverages and extends the power of the Cisco SD-WAN solution with Elastic’s ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK). The net result empowers IT teams to reduce the time it takes to diagnose and remediate network incidents, thereby accelerating application performance.

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