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Improve the security and performance of your applications - anywhere, on all devices, for all users

Performance-managed Networking, Distributed Security and Application Delivery for your Hybrid WAN

Shift your focus from centralized IT to the digital edge.

Traditional enterprise networks and infrastructure were built for centralized applications, but today’s applications, data and users are more distributed. Functions that used to reside within the enterprise data center are moving to the cloud, spanning legacy on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. With cloud adoption moving at an accelerated pace and users increasingly relying on remote access and mobility, legacy models break down. In this new hybrid IT environment, maintaining application performance is a growing challenge.

AppHUB helps bridge legacy premises-based IT and cloud environments, transforming the enterprise WAN from a centralized and siloed IT architecture to a next-generation distributed edge infrastructure that delivers a higher level of performance and security for all applications – wherever and however they’re delivered and accessed.

“Plan for the edge to become a growing part of your hybrid IT portfolio”

Source: Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference

Accelerated Application Delivery with AppHUB

Global Low-Latency Application Delivery Platform

Software-Defined WAN. Distributed Security. Cloud Gateways.

AppHUB is a suite of solutions that improves the performance and security of enterprise applications, whether they’re on-premises, span hybrid environments, or live in the cloud. Built on Apcela’s award winning global, low-latency application delivery platform, AppHUB solutions are easily integrated with your current WAN. AppHUB’s SD-WAN features enhance, or even replace, existing MPLS or hybrid WAN networks. This highly meshed, low-latency platform creates high speed express lanes between premises-based data centers and applications, remote users, and the cloud. AppHUB further enhances performance by extending your existing security environment and policies closer to users and cloud applications, ensuring your apps are available to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.

How do you deliver applications without sacrificing speed or security?

It depends on your architecture.

 AppHUB Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

Apcela’s AppHUB Platform is a next generation cloud-ready architecture for hybrid IT application delivery. Built on a global network of distributed application hubs securely connected with a high performance, low-latency backbone, it accelerates application delivery across hybrid IT environments. Evolve, or even replace your enterprise WAN with a distributed application delivery infrastructure architected to provide the lowest latency, highest performance global connectivity from the core to the edge.

Distributed Application Hubs

– AppHUBs –

AppHUBs are data centers built in the cloud at network and cloud provider dense carrier-neutral colocation facilities. AppHUBs provide an on-ramp to Apcela’s global low-latency network and high performance application delivery platform. They are interconnected and highly meshed using the most direct, dedicated fiber connections to ensure the lowest site-to-site network latency. See how a highly distributed network of AppHUBS, with integrated security and a vertically integrated application delivery stack at each AppHUB location, can accelerate and simplify your enterprise infrastructure.

Distributed Application Hubs
Map Displaying Globally Distributed Platforms for Hybrid IT

Software-Defined, Low-Latency Global Network

An award winning global network built to support the exacting standards of the capital markets for delivery of very high performance securites trading applications. Honed over the last decade through continuous upgrades to the newest and lowest-latency, optimized fiber routes across 65+ carriers worldwide, providing a highly meshed interconnection architecture spanning 41 countries and 185 markets. Today’s hybrid IT environment requires networking speed and performance. Apcela delivers on that promise with latency, jitter and packet loss guarantees.

AppHUB Platform Features

Low-Latency Global Network

Move to the next generation of enterprise networking — the networkless network. AppHUBs have a global, high performance network built in. Accelerating applications in a hybrid IT environment requires speed and performance, and AppHUB is a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that solves access and performance challenges – both within the enterprise and for remote users. AppHUB provides a single point of high performance connectivity to Apcela’s global low latency networking platform with direct access to cloud services. With a single, secure AppHUB connection, your users can bypass the public Internet with superior throughput, reliability and security. High bandwidth and options to scale capacity ensure optimal performance for public and hybrid cloud solutions.


Software-Defined WAN simplifies enterprise networking for hybrid IT, while improving both performance and security. AppHUBs are the foundation of Apcela’s global SD-WAN overlay platform. Every enterprise endpoint is connected to an AppHUB with Apcela’s SD-WAN Edge solution operating over your choice of access medium including MPLS, Ethernet Private or Virtual Private Lines, Dedicated Internet Access, Local Broadband Internet, or Cellular data connections. With dynamic path selection, the SD-WAN Edge arbitrates across multiple access links based on policies you define around latency, jitter, and packet loss. With application and user level QoS, you’ll see improved application performance and simple integration with existing security platforms. Our SD-WAN Edge offers zero-touch provisioning on x86 terminating devices and simplifies the provisioning of endpoint VPNs.


Distributed Security

Enterprises adopting a hybrid IT model need to extend the security perimeter closer to remote users and cloud based applications. The complexity and cost of deploying and managing additional firewalls and related security services, however, deters the efficient placement of platforms beyond the perimeter of the enterprise data center or the at the local branch. AppHUB enables the simple extension of your existing security policies closer to cloud applications and distributed users, without the need to deploy and manage additional firewalls, or third party cloud security software often incompatible with existing security policies. Take your security and application performance to the next level with Apcela’s Distributed Security Service.

Performance Monitoring

With applications, data, and users deployed across hybrid IT environments, monitoring and managing application performance takes on a whole new level of complexity. AppHUBs create a distributed network telemetry and monitoring solution that constantly scans and reports network and application performance. Actively monitor user connectivity to mission and business critical applications so you can course-correct before users notice any issues and before the IT help desk can escalate.

Edge Computing

According to Gartner, edge computing will be a necessary requirement for all digital businesses over the next five years. AppHUBs have edge computing and storage built in, as a distributed platform, highly complimentary to your core cloud computing platform(s). Distribute applications and/or data across a globally distributed local IT environment for low-latency access to corporate resources from every point on the network. Built on high performance hyper-converged architecture, your distributed compute platform can handle any workload.

Cloud Gateways

Apcela Cloud Gateways empower applications requiring resources from multiple cloud service providers and/or availability zones for production, backup, or disaster recovery. Our gateways are powered by 1-10 Gbps of direct connectivity into IaaS providers, and direct peering with most major SaaS platforms. Cloud Gateways bypass the public Internet and its inherent obstacles like congestion, DDoS attacks, and network attacks, to speed up cloud applications between 10-40x.

Client Story

“Apcela was the only provider that demonstrated the ability to architect and deliver a high performance network with committed latencies across all of our enterprise locations worldwide.”

CIO, Global Engineering & Construction Firm

AppHUB Platform Benefits


Optimize Performance

Distribute apps, data and services closer to the network edge and end-users. Minimize network latency and delays by reducing hops across the network. Connect to the Apcela software-defined, low-latency network and application delivery platform. Use ISP bandwidth more effectively to optimize the performance of on-premises and distributed apps across the WAN.

Accelerate Applications

Powered by 1-10 Gbps of direct connectivity into IaaS, SaaS and PaaS cloud service providers, direct access gateways speed up cloud application performance between 10-40x. Overcome latency issues and speed up response times.

Improve Security

Simplify distributed security. Bypass unreliable public Internet connections with secure, high performance direct access to the cloud over Apcela’s dedicated, private networking platform.

Simplify Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Deliver the same performance, security and availability for your apps whether they reside on-premises, in the cloud, or across multiple environments. Leverage AppHUB gateways to deliver applications requiring services from multiple cloud providers and availability zones for production, backup or disaster recovery, and access to distributed data sources. Multiple application environments, one consistent user experience.

Gain Agility and Efficiency

Gain agility and efficiency with greater control over your infrastructure. Deploy apps and infrastructure faster while reducing cost and complexity.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy an AppHUB appliance in your branch office or data center to improve the user experience and simplify security. AppHUBs are software-defined and can be integrated into network topologies without extensive network planning or system configurations.

AppHUB integrates easily within your enterprise WAN. Enterprises can host application delivery infrastructure, compute and storage infrastructure with AppHUB Cloud Gateway to distribute applications closer to global users, regional IT services and improve the speed of applications depending on access to the cloud.

AppHUB is a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that solves access and performance challenges – both within the enterprise and for remote users. AppHUB provides a single point of high performance connectivity to Apcela’s global lowest-latency cloud platform with direct access to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and dozens of other cloud services. With a single, secure AppHUB connection your users can bypass the public Internet with superior throughput, reliability and security. High bandwidth and options to scale capacity ensure optimal performance for public and hybrid cloud solutions.

Integrate in Your WAN

Deploy AppHUB adjacent to enterprise infrastructure in your private data center or any of your enterprise locations. Or, establish a dedicated connection from your enterprise locations to any AppHUB gateway on Apcela’s global platform.

Connect to AppHUB Cloud Gateway

Enable high performance access from remote locations to the cloud via dedicated regional AppHUB gateways close to end-user locations, without backhauling traffic over your expensive MPLS-based enterprise WAN, or having users traverse the public Internet to access a single cloud data center location.

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