Network Analytics Tools to Accelerate Performance | Enhanced Analytics Platform™

Aggregate, analyze and automate network performance across complex hybrid IT environments in real-time with intent-based remediation

Introducing EAP: Enhanced Analytics Platform™

Bridge the network analytics gap between data silos and limited analytics with dynamic, predictive, automated analysis and issue remediation.

With enterprise applications, data and users distributed across hybrid IT environments, monitoring and managing application performance takes on a whole new level of complexity. Our network analytics tools eliminate this with a single pane of glass.

Apcela’s Enhanced Analytics Platform™ (EAP) is a SaaS application that gathers data from all components in a cloud stack, including: AWS, Cloudflare, Oracle, Palo Alto, vmWare, zScaler and other application delivery services and assesses real-time event and metric-driven correlations between networks, applications and third-party elements such as firewalls.

Apcela enables enterprises to aggregate, analyze and automate their network analytics performance information for deeper insights and intent-based remediation. This empowers IT teams and reduces the time it takes to diagnose and remediate IT incidents. The result: improved network performance and security for all applications – wherever and however they’re delivered and accessed.

“Exponential growth in application and infrastructure dynamism and complexity is forcing network instrumentation as the key piece of the visiblity puzzle.” 

SOURCE: Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics,” Sanjit Ganguli, Vivek Bhalla, Pankaj Prasad, February 2018.

Enhanced Analytics Platform (EAP)

Network Analytics and Application Performance Management for Hybrid IT

EAP provides a holistic view of all network analytics, application and infrastructure elements in your cloud and application delivery stack. This real-time data allows enterprises to better understand their impact on the end-user experience. Continuously monitor your dynamic infrastructure and detect network performance issues. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly and proactively resolve any network or infrastructure-based performance issues.

How can you better predict, troubleshoot and resolve blindspots inherent in highly dynamic and complex hybrid infrastructures and software-defined networks?

Our cutting-edge network analytics tool, EAP, enables you to perform virtual simulations to better predict what could happen.  Corrected performance today eliminates issues tomorrow. Additionally, EAP’s network monitoring insights can teach your networks to self correct and ultimately improve network performance for increased operational assurance and a better end-user experience.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Apcela’s network analytics tools integrate with leading providers of routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, ticketing systems, and SD- WAN gateways from companies such as Palo Alto, Cisco SD-WAN, Zscaler and AWS.

SD-WAN Monitoring: Cisco SD-WAN/ELK API

With SD-WAN deployments, you need deep visibility into the network that spans application performance from the data center all the way to the branch edge and across multiple cloud environments. EAP allows you to easily integrate Cisco SD-WAN data and other network operational data and system logs for correlation and analyses, enabling significant reductions in time-to-diagnose and resolve network performance issues arising from fluid application requirements and dynamic conditions. Improve the visibility and management of your SD-WAN by reducing the complexity of monitoring end-to-end network and application performance in complex IT environments. With one interface, EAP provides a comprehensive view of performance into your SD-WAN infrastructure with your other digital infrastructure components.

SD-WAN Management Challenges


Limited Log Retention

Log retention time and file size limited in SD-WAN management tools

Static Data Visualization

Data manipulation and visualization limited to static data sets


Limited Analytics Capabilities

Static analytic capabilities

Lack of Integration between SD-WAN and Operational Data

Cisco SD-WAN data is disconnected from application and other operational data that travels across the network

EAP Benefits

Query and Analyze Data Sets

Collect Cisco SD-WAN and other network and application data into an indexed, queried database

Recognize Patterns

Visualize relationships between application delivery components that were previously invisible

Identify Correlated Elements

Conduct correlative analysis between Cisco SD-WAN operational data and other systems (e.g., Palo Alto and AppDynamics)

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis and Time to Repair

Implement sophisticated monitoring and alerting capabilities to accelerate time to diagnose and repair

Use Case: Data Collection, Aggregation and Analysis

Many enterprises are hindered by network, application, and security data silos which lead to limited visibility and control. Deploying EAP empowers enterprises to remove these barriers with enhanced and accelerated analytic, diagnostic, and remediation capabilities via:

Real-time Telemetry

EAP is a networking tool that constantly scans the network to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities to optimize performance. Enterprises can explore, report and visualize telemetry from multiple sources including: SD-WAN, firewalls and more.


EAP enables enterprises to view their network and application behavior patterns, identify relationships, and analyze trends that were previously invisible.

Root-Cause Analysis

EAP accelerates root cause analysis through real-time monitoring and diagnostics, enabling enterprises to identify problems and deploy resolutions faster.

Meaningful Insights

EAP delivers networking analytics that enable enterprises to quickly understand their network and application environments and make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve performance with pinpoint accuracy.

EAP Platform Benefits

Gain Visiblity

See all network elements running across the WAN and in the cloud

Accelerate Application Performance

Achieve performance improvements significantly faster leveraging Apcela’s core networking capabilities

Single Pane of Glass

Monitor and manage applications and infrastructure anywhere


Identify, assess, remediate and automate

Simple Integration

Easy integration of disparate tools sets across a comprehensive ecosystem of network, application and infrastructure providers

EAP Deployment

Pre-provisioned in Apcela’s AppHUB™

Simple Deployment

Deploy AppHUB adjacent to enterprise infrastructure in your private data center or any of your enterprise locations. Or, establish a dedicated connection from your enterprise locations to any AppHUB gateway on Apcela’s global platform.

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