Apcela Arcus Platform

Enterprise Multicloud WAN

The Apcela Arcus Platform enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate core data centers, regional offices, and remote users with SaaS and IaaS Providers, all as a service. With a software-defined approach and the ability to push security to the edge, the Apcela Arcus Platform extends the traditional enterprise WAN to the cloud.


The ‘data center’ is no longer the center of enterprise data

The traditional network architecture was built around securing, accessing, and managing enterprise data that was consolidated in the ‘data center.’ Then came the cloud. Slowly but surely, the information and workload that once resided in data center, moved.

The center of enterprise data became not only the ‘data center, but also AWS, Microsoft, Salesforce, and a host of other cloud service providers. The hub and spoke model of accessing and protecting that data became not only inefficient, but ineffective.

What was needed was a new paradigm that extended the WAN beyond the data center to the multicloud environment in which the modern enterprise operates. Enter the Apcela Arcus Platform.

Rethinking the Enterprise WAN

A software-defined approach

Apcela Arcus Platform allows enterprises to easily plug their existing network into a software-defined WAN that was built for today’s multicloud environment. Delivered as a service, Apcela is applying the speed and flexibility that we’ve grown to love about the cloud, to the network that connects it.

How It Works


Apcela Arcus Connect

Apcela Arcus Connect is our core product and enables Enterprises to easily extend their WAN across data centers,  branch offices, distributed users, and the cloud.  This fully managed service provides an SD-WAN overlay connected to Apcela’s global backbone, leveraging cloud and internet gateways across 60+ AppHubs worldwide to accelerate performance.

Apcela Arcus Platform

A Software–Defined Network

Apcela Arcus Connect begins with an SD-WAN overlay to allow enterprises to intelligently route traffic based on business needs.  Internet traffic can be offloaded directly to the public internet, business critical traffic routed across existing MPLS, and performant sensitive cloud traffic routed across Apcela’s cloud connected, private backbone.

WAN Built for the Cloud

While the traditional WAN worked for the data center, Apcela Arcus Connect was built for the cloud.  Apcela’s highly meshed global backbone creates high speed express lanes between those data centers, branch offices, remote users, and the cloud. This provides the performance that you would expect from your traditional WAN for workloads that reside in the cloud.

SaaS and IaaS On-Ramp

Performance of cloud services can improve by up to 40x as a result of Apcela Arcus Connect.  Enterprises leverage the geographic, peering, and direct connect benefit with major SaaS and IaaS services like Office 365, AWS, Salesforce, or Google Cloud without needing to establish their own physical connections.

Apcela Arcus Secure

Apcela Arcus Secure layers on top of Apcela Arcus Connect to enable an enterprise to distribute security to the edge.  Leveraging AppHubs in Apcela’s global network, Apcela Arcus Secure lets network security teams lift the security stack that traditionally sat at the data center and shift it to the cloud.

Apcela Arcus Platform

Security at the Edge

We enable enterprises to make this network security transition through the use of our 60+ AppHubs deployed in carrier neutral exchanges around the world.  AppHubs act as micro data centers in the cloud, distributing and pushing the security stack closer to end users.  This provides an operationally manageable number of firewalls while not compromising performance.

More than just Firewalls

Apcela Arcus Secure goes well beyond just next generation firewalls (NGFW).  From Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems (IDS/IPS) to Secure Web Gateways (SWG) and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Apcela Arcus Secure allows teams to easily apply and manage security policies to a WAN built for the cloud.

24/7 SOC and NOC Support

Apcela Arcus Secure is then monitored and managed through Apcela’s state-of-the-art Network and Security Operation Centers (NOC and SOC). Dedicated to supporting customer needs at any time, day or night, Apcela’s operations and engineering teams include CCIE certified engineers skilled in layer 1, 2, and 3 networking, DWDM, CWDM, SD-WAN, Network Security, and Network Orchestration Tools.

Apcela Arcus Intelligence

Apcela Arcus Intelligence is where the power of automation and visibility into the network help to transform enterprises.  By abstracting network, device, and application data, Apcela Arcus Intelligence can automate ticketing, provide never-before-seen insights and help to streamline event identification and resolution. 

Apcela Arcus Platform

The Power of the API

By abstracting data via API from SD-WAN and security devices and combining it with network health information from our own AppSensors, Apcela Arcus Intelligence becomes the orchestration tool for your network.  The event correlation and ability to quickly identify impacted services dramatically improves mean time to repair.

Apcela Arcus Portal

Apcela Arcus Intelligence can be managed through the event correlation, network monitoring and ticketing tool in the customer portal.  Enterprises can view latency performance, monitor all devices in the network, view and open tickets all from this single pane of glass.

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