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Enterprises now have the ability to purchase a customizable set of Multicloud products straight from an online order form

Apcela, a leading innovator in software-defined, cloud-optimized network services, has launched a new order portal for multicloud services. The Apcela Arcus Platform Order Portal enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate core data centers, regional offices, and remote users with SaaS and IaaS Providers, all as a service and at the click of a button. Access the portal here. 

Multicloud is an approach that utilizes multiple cloud computing and storage services sourced from more than one vendor in a single architecture. Benefits include reduced reliance on any single vendor, selection of best-of-breed capabilities, cost-efficiencies, increased flexibility, and more.

The Apcela Multicloud order portal was created to expedite the quoting and ordering process for cloud services. Simply fill out the order form selections to be redirected to a payment page.

Within the portal, you can choose your locations by selecting regions and locations for your Multicloud deployment. You then select the Arcus Cloud Connect Port, choosing between a 1GB/10GB Cloud Connection for your Multicloud needs. Lastly, you can determine your virtual connections by choosing Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as AWS and Azure to connect over private fiber.

“With such a distribution of cloud services, it can become time consuming to get a custom quote for every multicloud need and on-ramp,” shared Kunal Thakkar, Head of Solutions Engineering at Apcela. “Our intent with creating an online order portal is to ease the configuration of “best of breed” service stacks and vendor selections. With an easy user experience, customers can list their needs ranging from locations and bandwidth to providers and receive an automatic price quote.”

At the center of Apcela’s solution is the Arcus Platform, a software-defined approach to the multi-cloud environment which consists of Arcus Connect, Arcus Secure, and Arcus Intelligence. The Multicloud solution incorporates private fiber connectivity to Cloud/SaaS regions (cloud on-ramps) and orchestration of standardized network and security transit architectures at the AppHubs and in public CSP infrastructure to offer the most cost optimal means of achieving Multicloud connectivity while maintaining security and compliance requirements. Apcela manages a dynamic, global footprint of over 60 AppHubs around the world, and as a result, the online Multicloud portal can facilitate orders for data centers or cloud on-ramps in any region and location.

“Apcela’s Arcus platform is built ground-up to integrate various solutions in a modular manner depending on the needs and preferences of the customers” says Thakkar. “Multicloud is the next step to optimizing network applications and performance in the cloud, and we aim to make it easier for consumers with the Apcela Multicloud Order Portal.”

Click here to access the Apcela Arcus Multicloud Order Portal. 

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Apcela provides software-defined, cloud optimized networks for the digitally transforming enterprise.  Delivered as a service, we enable enterprises to easily deploy and operate a software-defined network and security architecture that was built for a multi-cloud world.

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