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Enterprises now have the option to adopt Multicloud connectivity and orchestration with Apcela

Apcela, a leading innovator in software-defined, cloud-optimized network services, is expanding the Arcus platform to include a Multicloud solution. The Arcus platform enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate core data centers, regional offices, and remote users with SaaS and IaaS Providers, all as a service.

Multicloud is an approach that utilizes multiple cloud computing and storage services sourced from more than one vendor in a single architecture. More often to not, this refers to utilizing two or more public clouds as well as multiple private clouds.  Benefits include reduced reliance on any single vendor, selection of best-of-breed capabilities, cost-efficiencies, increased flexibility, and more.

The movement towards Multicloud is not new – in a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users, 81% of respondents say they are working with two or more cloud providers. 1 One of the biggest use cases is for enterprises using cloud services across multiple geographies.

“Essentially, with such a distribution of cloud services, the aim is to eliminate the reliance on any single cloud provider while also increasing the scope and spread of services,” shared Kunal Thakkar, Head of Solutions Engineering at Apcela. “During countless discovery calls, design & engineering sessions, and technical discussions with customers and prospects, the Apcela team of engineers and architects have discovered that a majority of customers would like to have a select group of vendors provide various functional stacks for Multicloud.”

At the center of Apcela’s solution is the Arcus Platform, a software-defined approach to the multi-cloud environment which consists of Arcus Connect, Arcus Secure, and Arcus Intelligence. The Multicloud solution incorporates private fiber connectivity to Cloud/SaaS regions (cloud on-ramps). And orchestration of standardized network and security transit architectures at the AppHubs and in public CSP (Cloud Service Provider) infrastructure to offer the most cost optimal means of achieving Multicloud connectivity while maintaining security and compliance requirements.

The Arcus Platform and Multicloud expansion relies on AppHubs, virtual data centers in the cloud. Instead of having one or two premise-based data centers per region, we manage a dynamic, global footprint of over 60 AppHubs around the world. Instead of taking months or years to build out, we can stand-up a customer in days. Additionally, proximity to end users is key when it comes to application performance.

“Apcela’s Arcus platform is built ground-up to integrate various solutions in a modular manner depending on the needs and preferences of the customers who have existing investments. We can lift and shift stacks to the cloud, and extend the reach of their networks,” says Thakkar. “Multicloud is the next step to optimizing network applications and performance in the cloud.”

  1. Gartner, Why Organizations Choose a Multicloud Strategy, Laurence Goasduff, May 7, 2019


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Apcela provides software-defined, cloud optimized networks for the digitally transforming enterprise.  Delivered as a service, we enable enterprises to easily deploy and operate a software-defined network and security architecture that was built for a multi-cloud world.

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