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Apcela’s Global Network of Industrial IoT Gateways and APN On-Ramps Simplifies and Secures Mobile Data for IoT Endpoints

Apcela, the leader in software-defined, cloud-optimized enterprise network services, today announced the global expansion of its Internet of Things (IoT) Private Access Point Name (APN) gateways across its global Arcus Connect Platform. Apcela’s Private APN service interconnects directly with wireless carrier networks, hyperscale cloud providers, and enterprise data centers across its distributed global network of 60 AppHUBs on the Arcus Connect Platform.

Within the Private APN service, each AppHUB enables distributed security and edge compute, so that wireless data traffic is secured, pre-processed, then routed on Apcela’s low-latency global MPLS network directly to its destination. The platform enables IoT endpoint devices to integrate securely and directly with corporate applications whether hosted in the cloud or private data centers.

Gartner®, in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, notes, “Enterprises are looking for managed IoT connectivity providers with higher integration with hyperscalers for their connected products.”1 Apcela’s Private APN Service aggregates IoT connectivity directly from the wireless carriers, provides security and preprocessing at the edge, then integrates directly with the hyperscalers via private cloud connectivity directly to the selected cloud platform.

Apcela launched its Private APN service in 2019 across a limited set of AppHUBs for a global IoT platform provider that provides an extensive suite of infrastructure and systems for utilities and smart cities across four continents. Apcela has since expanded the service, making it available across all 60 of its AppHUBs, simplifying the integration of IoT endpoints and data from wireless carriers in more than 120 countries across North and South America, EMEA, and AsiaPac.

Gartner®, in its 2021 Critical Capabilities for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, continued, “Building an IoT-enabled business is complex due to the variety of the components needed — spanning from the edge hardware to different connectivity technologies, management platforms and analytics. This situation raises many concerns for organizations around security, service delivery, global reach and local support in finding the right vendor to simplify the management of the ecosystem in a secured way and with service delivery guarantees.”2

“Apcela’s Private APN service simplifies management of global IoT ecosystems for both enterprises and platform service providers,” said Kunal Thakker, VP for Product and Solutions Engineering at Apcela. “Leveraging the global reach of our Arcus Platform, we ease the burden of securing millions of IoT devices with the ability to add a range of distributed security and compute services at the edge.”

The Private APN and IoT gateway solutions are offered via Apcela’s Arcus Platform and global network of AppHUBs. They are part of a suite of enterprise multi-cloud WAN solutions across connectivity, security, and intelligence layers, simplifying deployment of the networking and security services needed to move mission critical applications and data to the cloud.


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