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Organizations around the world for years have proven the benefits of fully or partially moving their applications, data, networking, and connectivity infrastructure to the cloud. But, even with many important advances, nearly one third of organizations using Office 365 report service performance challenges or insufficient service availability. We have identified three key roadblocks:

Globally distributed enterprises restricted by a single O365 instance

Microsoft hosts Office 365 in the region in which the business is headquartered – so if a global enterprise has locations in different continents, they have to deal with a single O365 instance. 

Companies with centralized internet egress and hair pinned traffic

Enterprises that use centralized internet egress points will also have a single peering location with Office 365 – which means that more often than not, traffic ends up hair pinning, adding latency that delivers a hit to O365 performance. 

Cloud-based security and network limitations

Companies that use cloud-based security may deal with different security incidents or lack of performance depending on their network topologies

“Performance is the fourth overall technical problem with Office 365, with 20% of organizations reporting service performance challenges and another 12% citing insufficient service availability” -Gartner 2018

Why Apcela O365 Accelerator?

Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator can improve application performance by up to 60%. It was designed to improve performance, latency, packet loss, and network congestion that branch offices and edge users experience when accessing Office 365 via the public internet. Integrated with Apcela’s AppHUB, which maps to Microsoft peering points and brings them closer to the end user, Office 365 Accelerator easily integrates into existing enterprise WAN architecture for improved security and performance.

Better Performance

Optimized peering between enterprise users and Microsoft’s network of more than 100 peering points worldwide leveraging Apcela’s global software-defined, low-latency network

Greater Visibility

Greater visibility to Office 365 application usage, bandwidth and network flows between users and your Office 365 applications via Apcela’s end-to-end network telemetry and performance monitoring solutions (EAP for Office 365)

Faster Response Times

Accelerated data access through distributed storage and security via Apcela’s high performance application delivery platform and network of highly distributed AppHUBs

Improved Security

Eliminate the risks of traversing the public internet, including possible man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks, via direct network connections between enterprise users and optimal Microsoft peering points

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