Office 365 Accelerator

Are you looking to deliver a faster user experience for Office 365? Apcela can help.

Nearly one-third of organizations using Office 365 report service performance challenges or insufficient service availability. If you’ve migrated to Office 365 and you’re looking for new approaches to solve performance issues – or if you’re just getting started with your Office 365 assessment, Apcela can help.

Migrate to Office 365 and Deliver a Fast User Experience

When enterprises plan to migrate from on-premises to Office 365, network and performance concerns often dominate planning efforts. How will latency and bandwidth impact end-user experience? Will our existing infrastructure and network capacity scale to support the demands of the cloud? How do I monitor end-to-end application performance and ensure secure data access across distributed environments? Yet, many organizations using Office 365 find that latency and performance challenges persist even with network optimization and capacity upgrades. If you’re looking for a new approach to solve performance challenges and accelerate Office 365, make sure you’ve considered these key questions.

Will Your Network Get in the Way?

Network issues are one, if not the leading cause of Office 365 performance issues. The reality is traditional hub-and-spoke networks weren’t designed to support a fast user experience for cloud applications. To resolve performance and security issues, enterprises must often re-think their network design and architect for a faster experience.

Do You Know Where Your Users Are?

Most apps in the Office 365 suite are implemented in a single geographic region for each enterprise, which can increase latency and lead to suboptimal application performance for branch offices and remote users. To ensure optimal performance, enterprises must close the distance and minimize latency between users and Office 365 applications.

Will Your Users Traverse the Public Internet?

Office 365 is heavily reliant on underlying transport networks and suffers from performance degradation issues. Users accessing Office 365 over the public internet are likely to experience poor performance, latency, packet drops and network congestion. Eliminating the “best effort” internet from Office 365 data flows can deliver significant improvements in performance, security and consistency.

How Will O365 Impact Network Traffic and Utilization?

Office 365 is an application suite composed of latency-sensitive applications, high-bandwidth services and multiple workloads that puts demands on the network, limits visibility into performance and adds complexity to issue remediation. To manage and troubleshoot issues, IT teams need greater visibility into O365 application usage, bandwidth and network flows between users and physical application locations.

Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator addresses these challenges

Apcela’s Office 365 Accelerator was designed to improve performance, latency, packet loss and network congestion branch office and edge users experience when accessing Office 365 via the public internet. Integrated with Apcela’s AppHUB, Office 365 Accelerator easily integrates into existing enterprise WAN architecture for improved security and performance.

Better Performance

Optimized peering between enterprise users and Microsoft’s network of more than 100 peering points worldwide leveraging Apcela’s global software-defined, low-latency network

Faster Response Times

Accelerated data access through distributed storage and security via Apcela’s high performance application delivery platform and network of highly distributed AppHUBs

Greater Visibility

Greater visibility to Office 365 application usage, bandwidth and network flows between users and your Office 365 applications via Apcela’s end-to-end network telemetry and performance monitoring solutions (EAP for Office 365)

Improved Security

Eliminate the risks of traversing the public internet, including possible man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks, via direct network connections between enterprise users and optimal Microsoft peering points

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