Apcela's Applications Monitoring Solution | Software-Defined Network Telemetry and Performance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of network and application performance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Introducing Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution: Alleviate the challenges of end-to-end network visibility and performance monitoring across software-defined and cloud-based architectures

With increasing network complexity and the move toward cloud-based and software-defined architectures, tools that provide visibility into the performance of network, infrastructure and application components, as well as end-user experience, are critical for monitoring complex IT environments.

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution is a network telemetry and monitoring agent that constantly scans and reports network and application performance giving insight into performance issues and optimization opportunities. Through network instrumentation, Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution gives enterprises the ability to identify application performance information across underlay and overlay networks, enabling infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams to locate application-specific performance problems faster, thereby reducing time-to-diagnose and accelerating time-to-repair.

“The ability of the network to assist in a feedback loop to the applications is a novel enhancement to the network infrastructure as compared to traditional enterprise networks.” 

Source: Cisco

Applications Monitoring Solution + EAP

Real-Time Insight into Network, Infrastructure and Application Performance

Monitoring application performance across the entire network can often lead to multiple performance management tools and point solutions giving limited visibility to specific aspects of performance without a centralized, end-to-end view of network and application performance.

Integrated with Apcela’s Enhanced Analytics Platform (EAP), its Applications Monitoring Solution addresses a crucial requirement for enterprises operating mission-critical applications in the cloud — providing the necessary visibility into networks and applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments through a single pane of glass.

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution monitors and communicates the state of the network in real-time, providing a critical link between network infrastructure and application performance. Deployed across the enterprise, each sensor on the Applications Monitoring Solution runs a configurable set of synthetic network and application performance tests. These tests deliver a continuous stream of telemetry data over Apcela’s high-performance,a low-latency backbone for analysis and proactive remediation via its EAP. Data can also be collected at the user and application level for transmission and processing by the analytics platform.

EAP provides several types of analytical capabilities, including trend reporting, alerting, and anomaly detection. By running these tests from a fleet of strategically distributed sensors, infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams can dramatically improve the precision with which they instrument, monitor and maintain their application delivery infrastructure. The result is real-time, end-to-end network visibility and improved application performance delivered with zero additional infrastructure footprint.


Network Infrastructure Monitoring for Software-Defined and Cloud-Based Architectures

Performance Management Challenges


Limited Scope

Currently network operators do not have the ability to manage application performance across their networks with pinpoint clarity


Poor Visibility

Poorly performing applications are difficult and costly to identify and repair


Costly and Inefficient Resolution

Limitations in application performance visibility lead to costly and time consuming incident resolutions


Unclear ROI on Cloud Investments

Inability to monitor application performance inhibits initiatives for cost optimization and efficiency gains

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution Benefits

De-Risk Network Elements

Simulate and fine-tune voice, video and other traffic patterns to assess performance demands on network infrastructure and assure network performance and capacity for real-time services

Solve Issues with Agility

Accelerate issue diagnosis by instantly measuring link/connection quality between any two sites or internet destinations

Gain Insight into Network Usage

Design your own application performance simulations to test user access control models, policies and scenarios

Maintain a Tight Grip on User Experience

Actively monitor user connectivity to business-critical applications and course correct before IT escalations

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution
Use Cases and Deployment

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution enables I&O teams to gain near-time visibility of infrastructure and application performance, monitor SaaS and IaaS solutions from a user’s point of view, validate reported issues and integrate cloud-based and on-premises application performance monitoring. The Solution is designed to meet the requirements of highly distributed enterprises, or organizations with a significant number of applications deployed in cloud or hybrid environments. 

Cloud Application and Network Monitoring

With Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution, users can automatically instrument and baseline network and application performance across underlay and overlay networks

Accelerated Issue Identification and Remediation

Tracking individual applications across a distributed network opens opportunities for identifying issues quicker and deploying remediations accurately – whether they’re SaaS-based, on-premises or in hybrid configurations

Deeper Insights on Network Usage

Integrating Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution, data with other cloud components enable network operators to manage cloud environments with pinpoint clarity

Improved User Experience before Mission Critical Problems Occur

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution enables network managers to monitor user connectivity and usage of mission-critical applications and predictively respond to issues before they impact business results

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution Deployment

Apcela’s Applications Monitoring Solution is designed to immediately support zero-touch provisioning and can be fully configured and deployed within 2-4 weeks. The Applications Monitoring Solution’s test suite is quickly extensible and provides a readily expandable monitoring footprint across enterprise networks, becoming a crucial component for delivering a highly available application acceleration platform. Together, these solutions allow I&O teams to maintain a transparent and timely awareness of user-facing application issues with the ability to quickly adjust application and infrastructure elements before issues arise.

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