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WEBINAR: Leveling the Playing Field

The Democratization of High Performance Infrastructure for Trading TABB Group | Webinar It’s no secret to anyone involved in highly automated and high turnover trading that costs are high and performance opportunities are low relative to the recent pas …

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WEBINAR: Low Latency Wireless – What’s Hot!

Financial Markets Tune in to Wireless Intelligent Trading Technology | Webinar November 2013 | If your trading strategies rely on speed, then you’ve probably heard that there’s nothing faster than microwave and millimeter wave wireless technologies. Th …

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WEBINAR: Market Data / Market Access

A-Team Group | Webinar May 2013 | Get What You Need While Reducing Cost and Complexity   Listen as’s Editor and Publisher Pete Harris and CFN Services’ CEO Mark Casey discuss how to leverage a managed market data / market access pl …

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