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Apcela’s platforms have powered more than half of the most sophisticated trading firms on Wall Street as well as Fortune 500 companies.  As first movers in software-defined (SD) WAN, our customers rely on us to lead global application performance to 185 Markets in 41 Countries and leapfrog technology innovation ahead of movers in their space.

Connect to the experts who power the world’s lowest-latency software-defined WAN available to the enterprise:

Enterprise Application Performance & Network Transformation Expertise

brian5by5Brian Heacox continues to craft new products to make it easier for global enterprises to consume cloud services and reduce load on internal IT.  Heacox is responsible for the continued global growth of Apcela’s application delivery platform and has helped IT and Big Data innovators in the pharmaceuticals, finance, engineering, and other industries break free from slow application performance and network integration hurdles.

Financial Services & Trading Expertise

mikeStarting in 1997 on the grain floor of the CBOT, Michael LaRaviere’s expertise stems from over eighteen years in the trading industry, including trading in futures and options.  As an account manager for Capital Markets, LaRaviere bridges the gap between trading and infrastructure by understanding clients’ workflows, challenges, and the level of urgency required when issues arise.

IT Markets & Innovation Expertise

Mark5by5Apcela’s President and CEO, Mark Casey, is a progressive leader intensely focused on leveraging emerging technologies and his deep knowledge of the global telecom and IT markets to deliver top results for clients. Mark’s experience and reputation is built on a successful track record of over 25 years in the communications industry delivering results for industry heavyweights including AT&T and Verizon.  Now leading Apcela, widely recognized as one of the fastest growing technology firms in North America, Mark and his team specialize in developing high-performance solutions for globally distributed, real-time, mission-critical applications.

General Questions

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Current Customers

Current customers can contact their account representative or the Apcela’s Network Operations Center at anytime.  We pride ourselves in unparalleled support.  If you have a concern, question, or suggestion for us to better help you, feel free to reach out us at

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