SaaS Accelerator

With SaaS Accelerator, users experience your application at peak performance where and when it counts, on their device wherever they may be in the World in real-time.

Turbocharge Your APIs and Applications

Turbocharge Your APIs and SaaS Applications

Accelerate the exchange of data between your application, customers, and integration partners to improve end-user performance.

  • Provide a premium service to your customer by offering a secure high performance gateway to access your application
  • Improve interoperability between your application and others by accelerating API calls for plug-ins that may be slowing down your application’s speed

Don’t Let Geography Ruin Your UX

Distance between your application and end-users can often produce less than satisfactory results. SaaS Accelerator distributes your applications to global users over a highly controlled, low-latency, backbone tailored to the application’s specific transit protocols.

  • Serve users in remote regions with reliable and consistent performance
  • Cache and distribute application workloads in 60+ low-latency interconnected regional cloud hubs
Don’t Let Geography Ruin Your UX